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会议名称:  The Karazin’s Readings. The 61-st conference of the Young Scientists
会议时间:  2008-04-25
会议地点:  Kharkiv, Ukraine
会议主题:  Sections: Archeology, Ethnology, A historiography, Source study and special historical disciplines, Information technologies in a historical science and education e t.c.

“The Karazin’s Readings”,  that will take place on April, 25, 2008 at V.N.Karazin KhNU 


 - Archeology     - Ethnology    - A historiography, Source study and special historical disciplines 

- Modern and contemporary history     - Information technologies in a historical science and education      - Ancient history    

- Medieval history      - International relations    - History of Ukraine    - History of Russia      - Slobidsky Ukraine history

- Local studies     - Religion and Church history

  Participants registration – on April, 25 from 10.00 till 11.30 in the University Main building ( Svobody square 4) room 5-59. The beginning of the conference – at 12-00.

  The registration form for the conference participants and abstract of your report (obligatory!) are to be sent till February, 25, 2008 to the electronic address Student's Scientific Society of Historical Department V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University with a mark in a field "Theme": «The 61Karazin’s readings».

All abstracts which will pass selection by the organizing committee, will be printed prior to the beginning of the conference. The best reports will be recommended to edition on scientific collection of works „Aktualni problemy vichyznianoi ta vsevitnioi istorii”.

The registration form should include:

1. Institution        2. Position          3. Full name         4. Title of the report       5.Supervisor (position, scientific degree)

6. A direction  of work (section)        7. Hostel requirement      8. Contact phone, e-mail    9. Necessity of the personal invitation

10.Technical equipment for report

The registration form for the participation in the conference, should be sent together with abstract of your report (in a format compatible with Microsoft Word), volume up to 3 thousand signs with blanks.

The order of elements in theses: author; educational institution; the text without figures, tables, references and list of the literature. Only standard reductions allowed.


Attention! The organizing committee has the right to accept or decline abstracts for participation in the conference. The applications sent without theses, will not be considered.

In case of the recommendation of theses to the publication by organizing committee, the author will receive invitation to take part in the conference at

the end of March, 2008.

Working languages of conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English


主办单位:  Department of History V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
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