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会议名称:  The Technical & Commercial Fundamentals of Oil & Gas
会议时间:  2008-04-21
会议地点:  Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
会议主题:  This course has been designed for anyone dealing either directly or indirectly with the oil and gas industry. It broadly covers the full spectrum of the industry ?from the discovery, field development and production of oil and gas

The Technical & Commercial Fundamentals of Oil & Gas
A 2 day comprehensive overview of the technical components of upstream & downstream oil & gas, coupled with key commercial aspects for all non-technical executives and industry newcomers
21 - 22 April 2008 Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore



  • Overview and History of Petroleum
  • Oil & Gas Exploration: how, where and why?
  • Discovering Oil & Gas Reserves and Project Development
  • Oil & Gas Markets, Freight & Product Valuation
  • Refinery Petroleum Products: processes, equipment and feedstock selection
  • Product Specifications & Blending
  • Other Energy Sources: LNG, CNG, GTL, Biodiesel, Oil Sands and Shale Oil, Coal Bed Methane...
  • The Future Outlook for Petroleum Products and the Oil & Gas Industry

Expert International Course Director
Brenton Rudd – private consultant in the area of oil and gas development and joint venture relationships with over 33 years industry experience working with the Shell Group of Companies

主办单位:  IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd
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