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会议名称:  Herman C. Hudson Symposium
会议时间:  2008-03-22
会议地点:  Bloomington, IN, Indiana, United States
会议主题:  Theme: "Lifting the Veil: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Identity and Responsibililty in Global Societies" Our keynote speaker for this year抯 event will be Sonia Sanchez, who is an influential author, playwright, former professor and social activist. The panel presentations will explore questions pertaining to the cultural, intellectual, histo
Herman C. Hudson Symposium, March 22, 2008
“Lifting the Veil: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Identity and
Responsibility in Global Societies”
The discourse on Black consciousness and its global dimensions is extensive. This
discourse is particularly relevant in communities within the African diaspora. Issues of
identity, culture, and sense of responsibility to the race take on renewed urgency under
present world conditions, which are having a negative impact on black world
communities. What is our individual and collective responsibility to Black diasporic
communities? How is blackness defined within a global society given the vast cultural
and economic differences? 
The fifth annual Herman C. Hudson Symposium hosted by the African American and
African Diaspora Studies Graduate Society at Indiana University Bloomington seeks
abstracts of papers from interdisciplinary perspectives related to these issues. Papers wi
be presented during our annual conference on Saturday, March 22, 2008, at the Neal
Marshall Black Culture Center on the IU Bloomington campus. The keynote speaker fo
this year’s event will be Sonia Sanchez, an influential poet, writer, and social activist.
Papers should explore questions pertaining to the cultural, intellectual, historical, social,
and political responsibilities and identities of people who are part of the African diaspor
This year, the symposium is extending its scope to include the performing and visual art
which are important forms of communication and expression within the African diaspor
Interested graduate and undergraduate student presenters should submit a 300-word
abstract and a one-page CV. Presenters interested in displaying visual art should submit
digital CD of their work along with a 300-word abstract discussing the details of their
pieces. Performing artists should submit a one-page abstract regarding the form, content
and length of their performance. Panel proposals should include the title, description of
the panel's theme, name of the panel chair, 300-word abstract of each paper, and a one-
page CV for each participant. All abstracts should include the academic affiliation of
each participant.  
主办单位:  African American and African Diaspora Studies Graduate Society
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